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Before and after losing 120 lbs.

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when *THAT* song comes on during your workout

your jam is on and you don’t give a damn who sees you rocking out

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Sometimes I get pretty off track with my nutrition for a week or two weeks or hell, even a month and I kind of just roll with it because I always get back on track and I think it’s better for my mental health to embrace it as opposed to shaming myself for it.

Oh my god thank you😍

We’re women. We multitask by crying over 10 things at one time.

Wait, what?

That comment, I’ve read it four times and it makes no sense still.

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I can’t stress it enough:
If you don’t like what you see Everytime you look in the mirror, stop wasting time complaining about it, and work to change it.. life is too short to keep pushing it out of your list of priorities.. love yourself enough to change ..

Bringing this back

I love this girl gotdamn

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Food Update:

So, my dining hall has switched to a new company and I have to say that I’ve really noticed the improvement.

I used to get sick really frequently last year. I mean like running out of the dining hall to go puke sick because of the fact that I was having crazy reactions to the food.

That has not happened to me once with the new group. I really look forward to my meals.

I’m just really happy about this. 

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I fell off for a bit but I’m gonna her back on track.

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I maaay have made some progress in the last year

leveling up like a boss

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